Convert any webpage into
Figma as editable designs

Import the elegant design of the full page or selection from any webpage into Figma
to redesign or reference, without starting from scratch.


Import any webpage into Figma in just 3 steps

after you installed the browser extension

Go to the any webpage and open the extension


Choose the capture type to capture the page design


Import the page design in the figma file


Happy designing


Pixel-level capture

Precisely convert any design elements of anypage to Figma layers at the pixel level, boosting your design process and save time.

Easily get

Simply click, quickly capture the full page design to redesign and get any component, image, icon and more to reuse.

Quickly convert

All conversion are processed locally, including image capture. whether it's for public, login-required, or locally deployed web pages, so quickly.


Since all conversion are processed locally, we do not collect your data, nor does it pass through any third-party services.

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